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"Zebra mother" enter Guangbo
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How is big paper cut into small paper? How does small paper become a small book? How is the colorful cover made? What's handbill? With one question after another, last Saturday, the "zebra mother" charity parent-child group was invited into Guangbo. 18 groups of families felt the charm of stationery at close range.

Under the guidance of the staff, children and parents first came to the exhibition hall on the 1st and 10th floors of Guangbo complex building. Here, they not only saw Disney authorized series, goodnight story series, Tianyige joint brand series and other volumes, package products, ut also saw the colorful folder, the stapler and other products with different shapes. "These stationery are really good-looking and fun. They are so interesting." When seeing the cartoon images such as Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse and Donald duck that can only appear on TV suddenly appear in front of eyes, they are even more excited.

Then everyone came to the workshop. For many children, this is their first time to enter the workshop, and also the first time to experience the whole process of stationery production. For the paper cutting, cover coloring, binding and other processes, the children are interested in watching one by one. From time to time, they would ask: "Uncle and aunt, what's the use of this? Uncle and aunt, how did it come out? " Seeing the workers’ skilled movements, many children are also eager to try and feel the operation of stationery production.

Of course, in order to let children further explore the mystery of stationery, Guangbo this time provides children with an opportunity to DIY stationery. At the scene, the staff carefully prepared books, pens and various tools for everyone. Under the guidance of the elder brother and elder sister, the children have also exerted their imagination. Some children used colored paper and adhesive tape to make a big disguise for the ordinary book. Some children use all kinds of stickers and words to make their personal business cards. Some children use the scissors and brushes in their hands flexibly, which gives a new shape to the ordinary books.

The activity came to an end when children and parents were reluctant to part with each other. This activity not only brings the relationship between parents and children closer, but also broadens children's horizons and further understands the knowledge of stationery.


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