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Double 11, Guangbo e-commerce makes another success
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In the sound of "buy buy buy", the double 11 came on schedule again. This year, Guangbo e-commerce department worked hard and again handed over a satisfactory answer sheet.

In fact, as early as half a year ago, Guangbo e-commerce Department has begun to prepare for this year's double 11. According to the sales situation of previous years, the overall marketing strategy of "tightening preferential policies and enhancing brand image" was formulated in advance. On this basis, we have achieved a good situation of both profit and sales growth. In the process of goods preparation and delivery, additional training has been carried out for the situation of power outage, and emergency handling has been added to ensure that the goods are delivered in time and not piled up. Secondly, by optimizing the smart customer service system of Xiaomi store, the efficiency and accuracy of customer service reply are greatly improved, ensuring the peak flow of double 11, and automatic reply of customer request processing for one second or even 0 second. In addition, this year, Guangbo e-commerce also sent special personnel to Jingdong headquarters to ensure that it can obtain the activity resources during the double 11 period in the first time. On the basis of these, Guangbo e-commerce has entered Xiaomi platform strongly this year, and achieved good results. Its brand awareness has been continuously extended. Up to now, Guangbo e-commerce has achieved full coverage of mainstream e-commerce platforms.

It pays off if you pay. With sufficient preparations, on this year's double 11, Guangbo e-commerce continued to steadily improve its performance, and its overall sales volume continued to grow steadily compared with last year. Among them, Jingdong store achieved excellent results, and its sales volume increased by 55% compared with last year. Among them, the fizz shop is more outstanding, whether it is the overall sales volume or the daily sales volume of the double 11, the growth rate is more than 110% compared with last year.

In recent years, Guangbo has made all-round efforts in the field of e-commerce, with joint efforts in T-mall, Jingdong, Xiaomi and other platforms. Taking the network live broadcast and offline activities as the carrier, multi store linkage and fan marketing as the means, and taking "high quality products and intimate services" as the purpose, the construction goal of "one-stop brand e-commerce" is established, and the rapid growth of online sales amount and offline fans is realized. At the same time, relying on targeted marketing, products with rich cultural connotation and thoughtful services, Guangbo e-commerce has gradually established a good reputation, accumulated a large number of users, and won the recognition of the market.

Next, Guangbo will continue to make efforts in the field of e-commerce and strive to become the "leader" in the field of stationery e-commerce in China with the concept of "efficiency, transparency and personalization".

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