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Guangbo holds fire drill in 2019
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In order to further strengthen the understanding of fire safety knowledge of all employees, improve the awareness of fire safety prevention, and improve the self rescue and evacuation ability of everyone in the face of emergencies, on the afternoon of November 5, the safety committee of Guangbo group and Shiqi street safety supervision institute held an annual fire training drill.

Before the activity, the company has formulated a detailed and thorough fire evacuation drill plan, so that the division of labor is clear and the responsibility is personal. At the scene of the activity, the fire officers and soldiers from Ningbo fire brigade used plain and vivid language, explained and demonstrated to the staff and cadres of Guangbo group and the safety officers of villages and communities in Shiqi street about fire safety common sense of how to alarm after a fire, how to escape from the fire and how to use fire extinguishers correctly.

At 3:45 p.m., a "thick smoke" spread, and the alarm sounded. The workers covered their mouths firmly with towels, bent down and walked along the designated corridor to evacuate the "fire scene" orderly and safely in the "rolling smoke". The whole evacuation activity was in order and achieved the expected effect.

At the same time, in order to improve the emergency fire fighting capacity of each village and community enterprise, firefighters from villages and communities in Shiqi street also held a friendly fire fighting competition. The competition is divided into three items: "fast dressing", "water hose connection" and "fire fighting by pumping". Although it's not a formal competition, all the teams in the competition still worked hard and completed the task with the fastest speed.

Through this series of fire safety activities, all staff not only mastered the basic escape methods, but also understood the simple common sense of self rescue and self-care. At the same time, it improves self-protection ability and safety awareness. For a long time, safety work has always been Guangbo’s focus of unremitting efforts. In the future work, Guangbo will continue to sound the alarm bell, prevent the trouble in advance, and do a solid guarantee for the safety of all staff and cadres and the company.


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