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Guangbo was rated as the second batch of safety production standardization level II enterprises in Zhejiang province in 2019
Release time:2019-11-02 Browse times:1616

Recently, the emergency management department of Zhejiang Province announced the list of the second batch of safety production standardization level II enterprises in 2019. Guangbo Group Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Guangbo plastic products Co., Ltd., Ningbo Guangbo Stationery Industry Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Guangbo paper products Co., Ltd. were successfully shortlisted.

In carrying out work safety standardization, Guangbo always combines its own work reality. Based on hazard identification and risk assessment, regularly check the key problems and management problems in the production process. Through scientific research and comprehensive analysis, a set of long-term mechanism of self-restraint and continuous improvement of safety production management has been established. And the effective operation of the mechanism system has always been maintained. On this basis, the company has also set up two systems of "safety responsibility accountability and accident dual prevention", providing a solid guarantee for safety production.

This time, it won the second level standard enterprise of safety production standardization, which is not only the recognition of safety production work of Guangbo in the past stage, but also the favorable spur for the future safety development, scientific development and sustainable development of Guangbo. In the future, the group company will continue to strengthen the safety production red line, effectively operate the safety production system, and strictly implement the requirements of safety standardization. Put the safety responsibility system into practice, comprehensively improve the safety awareness and prevention awareness of employees, do a better job in safety work, and prepare for the next stage of production tasks.


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