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Role models around series report ----"Guangbo captain" Shen Xianying
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Shen Xianying has arrived at the workshop half an hour before the required night shift. He checked and debugged the Heidelberg machine in front of him. After confirming that everything was normal, he started to work. Whether it's day shift or night shift, it's a job Shen Xianying has to do every day before starting work, and it's also a habit he has developed in his 16 years’ work in Guangbo. As the captain of Heidelberg machine in offset printing workshop of printing branch, Shen Xianying's greatest characteristic is diligence and carefulness. And that's why he has been able to maintain a low error rate for more than a decade in Guangbo.

Study hard, from apprentice to captain

In 2003, Shen Xianying, just turned 20, entered Guangbo. At that time, he was still a "little white" who didn't know anything. After he was assigned to the printing branch, he followed his master's instructions. "Every day, he read and memorized, and asked if he didn't understand." Sometimes when master went to dinner at noon, he "stealthily" used scraps to practice. It took almost two years for Shen Xianying to master the construction and operation of the machine. "I don't have any basis for machine operation. How can I do without spending more time?"

Although in name of graduation, there were not many machines in the factory at that time. So most of the time, Shen Xianying can only fight with her master as a vice captain. At that time, many apprentices who entered the factory with him chose to leave. "Some people feel like they're about to leave when they've learned, and some people turn careers when they're tired of trouble." But Shen Xianying chose to stay behind. He said that since he came, he should learn the technology well and thoroughly.

Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. After another two years, with the increase of business, the number of machines in the factory gradually increased. Shen Xianying finally became a formal captain with excellent technology. When he was happy, he also had a little worry: "The identity has changed and the responsibility has changed. I have to double my efforts to create more value for the company."

Check frequently and solve problems immediately

Shen Xianying has a habit of checking every batch of products. "Even if it only prints 50." Said by Zeng Shengfeng, the group leader of Shen Xianying. After receiving the order, he will check the information carefully. After printing, he will mark the color difference, defect and wrong size, and then make up the printing immediately. "You can't wait for a batch of products to be completely finished before they are re printed, so you have to re color and version correction, which wastes both time and raw materials." Shen Xianying said, I have a principle that "we should finish today's work". We should never delay the problem until the next day. Sometimes, even if one day's work has been completed, but when the defective products are printed, he will work overtime to do a good job of makinf up the printing.

"After confirming that there is no problem with the overprinted product, he will stop working." Zeng Shengfeng said, different from some people who just print and check, just finish the task quickly regardless of the product quality,Shen Xianying is the one who has done the work conscientiously and meticulously. Because of this, the rate of defective products printed by Shen Xianying has been very low.

Shen Xianying not only works carefully and takes products seriously, but also always keeps improving. "Especially for color, he always wants to be perfect before he gives up." Zeng Shengfeng said, I remember one time, Shen Xianying was responsible for printing a batch of products, but made several samples, and the result was always a little worse than the color required by the customer. "It's not obvious. You can't see it without looking carefully." But Shen Xianying is not willing to "make do with it" and "to deal with the work in this way is not responsible for the company, but also for himself!" So he adjusted the color on the computer, proofed it with scraps, and then compared it. After several times, he didn't realize it was time to get off work. "When I was out of the door, I realized it was dark outside. But fortunately, I debugged the color required by the customer." Shen Xianying said.

Maintain the machine frequently, looking like new in ten years

Shen Xianying is as meticulous as ever, both for products and machines. In the 16 years of Guangbo, the longest partner with Shen Xianying is not someone else, but the Heidelberg machine which is more than ten meters long. And the attendance rate of this "old man" is also quite high.

"Basically nothing serious has happened." Jin Jingda, a co-worker with Shen Xianying, said, thanks to his "care" every day. "Sometimes he gets busy. In order to repair the machine in time, he can't even go for lunch." "In fact, the machine is the same as our people. If we work long hours, we will have problems like this and that." Shen Xianying said, and at this time, it is necessary to give the machine a timely pulse and check the problem. His way of checking the problem is to give machines "frequent physical examination" and "frequent treatment". Every time before starting the machine, he will turn around the machine to see if the oil is full, whether the bearing and ink root are normal. When the machine makes a strange noise after starting work, he will immediately stop to check it. It is absolutely not allowed to let the machine "go to battle with injuries".

"The company gave me the machine as my trust, which I can't fail to live up to." Shen Xianying said.


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