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Guangbo mall is shortlisted to be a key e-commerce platform enterprise in Ningbo in 2019
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Recently, Ningbo municipal bureau of commerce announced the list of key e-commerce platforms in 2019. Guangbo's specialized cultural material collection platform Guangbo mall shortlisted.

It is reported that the purpose of this selection activity is to accelerate the cultivation and construction of a number of cross industry and cross field e-commerce platforms with unique professional functions, wide radiation and strong competitiveness. With professional sales means, rich cooperation experience, efficient office concept and personalized solutions, Guangbo mall has been successfully shortlisted.

In recent years, Guangbo has made extensive and vigorous efforts to lay out the Internet field and explore the e-commerce operation mode. With the help of government, enterprises and institutions, e-commerce procurement has been launched successively. In 2015, Guangbo mall was established. And take this as a fulcrum, actively carry out the program of providing sunny and fast office materials management for government and enterprise customers. According to different customers, channels such as "channel distribution", "contract customer", "API customer" and "bidding procurement" have been opened. At the same time, it also provides vertical professional e-commerce services for manufacturers, brands, distributors, government and enterprise users in the industry. Since the platform was put into use, it has successively provided e-commerce services for the governments, military and central enterprises of China Southern Power Grid, organs directly under the central government, Sinopec, the general rear shopping mall of the PLA, Beilu shopping mall, Zhejiang provincial government, Fujian provincial government, Qingdao municipal government, etc. It has been praised and favored by all.

This time, Guangbo was shortlisted in the list, which further promoted its brand influence and market competitiveness. It shows the strong strength of Guangbo in the field of e-commerce to the market. In the future, Guangbo will continue to adhere to the development concept of "change leads innovation, transformation helps upgrade". Consolidate the leading position, rely on the advantages of Internet platform, deeply tap the brand connotation, practice innovative marketing and create a cultural brand integrating innovative R & D, efficient production and high-quality service.

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