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Gu Xianlin, minister of organization department of Qianxinan prefecture and his delegation visited Guangbo
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On the morning of October 15, Gu Xianlin, member of the standing committee of Qianxinan prefecture and head of organization department, and his delegation visited Guangbo Group. Zhong Guanhua, member of the standing committee of Ningbo municipal committee and head of organization, accompanied the visitors. Wang Junping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the group company, and Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chief executive received.

Gu Xianlin and his party visited the comprehensive exhibition hall on the first floor of Guangbo. Gu Xianlin is deeply impressed by Guangbo’s diversified industries. He said that under the new international environment and economic situation, Guangbo’s development ideas conform to the trend. Its development achievements are in the forefront, which is worth learning, thinking and learning from other enterprises. He also pointed out that Guangbo’s industrial chain is complete and rich, laying a solid foundation for the expansion and extension of the industry. Guangbo’s corporate culture is people-oriented, and we believe that Guizhou employees can grow better here.

Next, Gu Xianlin and his party came to the boutique book shop. He visited and expressed sympathy to Guizhou employees working in Guangbo. During the conversation, he learned about their work and life in detail. Knowing that everything is OK, Gu Xianlin expressed his satisfaction and told everyone to work hard, improve themselves seriously, strive to achieve higher self-worth and make greater contributions to society.

Later, Wang Junping introduced Guangbo's current business situation to Gu Xianlin and his party. He said that in recent years, Guangbo has been based on the real manufacturing industry, actively explored the path of transformation and upgrading. After testing in many industries, it has made outstanding achievements in new material electronics, fashion stationery, cross-border e-commerce and other fields. He pointed out that in the next step, Guangbo will focus on improving manufacturing level and quality, to promote high-quality development in the direction of high-quality and high-end manufacturing.

Guangbo has always been inextricably linked with Guizhou. More than ten years ago, Guangbo funded the establishment of hope primary school in Guizhou, and actively participated in the "ten thousand enterprises help ten thousand villages" and "help and tie up" activities, deepening the emotional connection with the local people. On this basis, in recent years, Guangbo has further implemented the strategic deployment of poverty alleviation. In addition to donating gifts, it has also deepened its labor cooperation with other parts of Guizhou. Since 2018, four on-site recruitment activities have been carried out in Qianxinan Prefecture. In total, nearly 200 people have reached an agreement and developed 23 caring posts. At present, there are 52 people in the area of on-the-job counterpart assistance, including 30 poverty-stricken workers who set up files and set up cards.

Next, Guangbo will also increase the introduction and training of Guizhou employees. At the same time of realizing enterprise progress, it also contributes to regional coordinated development.


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