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Magnificent 70 years, striving for a new era---Guangbo Group held a chorus competition to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China
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In the past 70 years, everything has changed rapidly. On the evening of September 29, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, Guangbo Group held a grand chorus competition to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. A total of 12 teams from all departments participated in the competition with more than 300 participants.

At the beginning of the competition, Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group company delivered a speech. He reviewed the struggle history of the people's Republic of China. He pointed out that it was the Communist Party of China that led the Chinese people to overthrow the three mountains andestablish a new China. Then It can bring peace and happiness to the Chinese people. He said that Guangbo will continue to keep pace with China's rapid development, with brand, market, talent and management as the core, to achieve the goal of "win-win, sharing and growth of customers, employees and the company".

The chorus of no.3 branch first appeared, and a song "Greater China" sang the heroism and boldness of Chinese people. Then the chorus of the real estate company paid homage to the bright five-star red flag with a song "flying red flag". "My motherland" by the chorus of the administrative center sang the magnificent mountains and beautiful scenery of the motherland with melodious and passionate songs. Later, the chorus of no.2 branch of "we are on the road" showed the ever-changing changes since the founding of new China. Yongtaiping chorus's "tomorrow will be better" outlines the vision and yearning for a better future. The chorus of the industrial branch expressed the true meaning of "human beings have their own true feelings" with a song "grateful heart".

The actors on the stage were singing. The audience was fascinated, sometimes closed their eyes and sometimes applauded.

Next, the chorus of new materials company sang the brilliant light of the revolutionary era. The chorus of the import and export company sang endless praise to the vast territory of the motherland with a song of the Yangtze River. The chorus of printing branch sang the love for China. The chorus of the industrial company, with a song "the country", let everyone experience the feelings of an ordinary person's country. The chorus of financial center sang the continuous thoughts and endless tenderness to the motherland with "me and my motherland". The chorus of digital spring sang the best wishes of all Guangbo people for the prosperity of the motherland.

Familiar melodies brought us back to that time of bloody struggle. Let's look back on the burning years of passion and describe a magnificent future for us. Passionate red songs, sang the spirit of Guangbo people, the momentum of Guangbo people, and also the determination and confidence of Guangbo people to create the future.

In the poem recitation "motherland, we are proud of you", this chorus competition officially ended. After fierce competition, the chorus of industrial company won the first prize. The chorus of new materials company and real estate company won the second prize. Printing branch chorus, administrative center chorus and financial center chorus won the third prize.

At the seventieth birthday, never change the original mind, cut through thorns and forge ahead. The future of the motherland will be more prosperous, and Guangbo’s tomorrow will be more brilliant!


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