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Zhang Hongbo, deputy inspector of poverty alleviation office of the state council and her delegation visited Guangbo
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On the morning of September 10, Zhang Hongbo, deputy inspector of development guidance department of poverty alleviation office of the state council and her delegation about 10 people visited Guangbo, accompanied by Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chief executive of the group company.

Zhang Hongbo and her delegation visited the boutique book workshop, having a etailed understanding of the life and work of front-line workers from all over the country. After learning that Guangbo supports and implements the national poverty alleviation and employment work, she expressed her satisfaction and hoped that Guangbo would continue to increase its recruitment to remote and poor areas. Then the group visited the comprehensive exhibition area of the hall on the first floor. Zhang Hongbo was deeply impressed by Guangbo’s comprehensive development strategy and diversified industries. She pointed out that in the current complex domestic and international environment, Guangbo’s development concept conforms to the trend and the times, which is worth popularizing and learning from other enterprises. She also pointed out that Guangbo’s people-oriented corporate culture and a sound talent mechanism, help more employees from all over the world get better growth.

At the following symposium, Shu Yueping introduced the development history and operation of Guangbo to Zhang Hongbo and her party. He said that in recent years, Guangbo has actively explored high-end development routes and vigorously promoted the transformation and upgrading strategy. On the basis of consolidating the real manufacturing industry, we have made new explorations and attempts in the fields of new material electronics, fashion stationery, cross-border e-commerce, etc. He said, next, Guangbo will focus on improving manufacturing level and quality.Taking the high-quality and high-end manufacturing as the general direction, on this basis, we will increase the introduction and training of employees in remote and poverty-stricken areas. At the same time of realizing the progress of enterprises, it also contributes to the elimination of poverty population and regional coordinated development.


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