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A series of reports about role models around you----"capable person” Wang Wenzhou
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In the machine room of the paper cutlery workshop, Wang Wenzhou was repairing a machine. After a couple of minutes, the machine that had stopped running started to work again. Soon after, Wang Wenzhou came to the ink room again. According to the latest order requirements, he needs to adjust a green ink. Looking at the color of the sample, he skillfully proportioned the two kinds of ink and successfully modulated the color of the sample. Then he came back to the office and made a production plan for the day. In the paper cutlery workshop, Wang Wenzhou is such a busy "generalist" , konwing everything. Therefore, he has a nickname - "capable person”.

Ability to operate: all kinds of machines, self-taught

Wang Wenzhou, 44 years old, has been in Guangbo for 14 years. Most of the things we do here is machine-related work. Whether operation or maintenance, he's capable. The real connection with the machine has to start in 1998. Wang Wenzhou was one of the earliest people in China who could operate flexographic press. "At that time, there were few such machines in the whole country, and fewer people understood them”. At that time, Wang Wen studied and practiced in the instruction, while following the machine master to learn. For a certain time, he also slowly grasped the structure of the machine, working principle and the function of each component. What's more, when he's free, he'll also study other types of machines. Over time, he became a machine expert. No matter what kind of machine, as long as a little more detailed understanding, he can quickly become familiar with.

In order to learn more, Wang Wenzhou also joined an association for flexographic printing. Talking with other people, he gradually became famous in the industry. In 2004, a technical college in Xi'an invited Wang Wenzhou to teach students. There, he taught more than 100 students in a year. "I have a good relationship with many people, both teachers and friends, some of whom are still in touch.” Among them, several students followed him to Ningbo a year later and came to work in Guangbo.

Ability to manage: shortage of staff, invite to help

Many students also brought a lot of help to Wang Wenzhou. In the first half of this year, the paper cutlery workshop was full of orders. Beyond joy, Wang Wenzhou began to worry. "More lists mean more people”. But there are not enough people who can operate machines in the workshop. For this reason, Wang Wenzhou did not sleep for several nights. Additional recruitment for this order will certainly increase the cost of the company. But if not hiring, it’ll too late to finish the order. Thinking about this, Wang Wenzhou thought of his friends and disciples. After a few phone calls, his friends and disciples agreed quickly. Several have even changed careers long ago, but because of his call to be reinstated.

"I'm familiar with these people. There's no problem with the technology and their character is guaranteed. Let others be assured when doing things.” With everyone’s help, the order was completed on time. 

Hardship: maintaining machinery, not sleeping

Also in the first half of this year, another big order was placed in front of Wang Wenzhou. This time, however, the problem is not people, but machine. "In order to ensure the timely delivery of goods, the workshop has arranged day and night shifts for the workers. Several machines are required to operate 24 hours without interruption”, the workshop director Yang Fengting said. As the only one in the workshop who is proficient in all machines, the burden of maintenance is on Wang Wenzhou alone.

It can be said that he is the first person in charge, but also the only person in charge. It was already June. In the high temperature environment, the frequency of machine strikes was increasing. Wang Wenzhou appeared more and more in the machine room. "It's normal to leave work at 8 or 9 p.m., and it's also common to leave work after 10 p.m”, Yang Fengting recalled. Sometimes Wang Wenzhou will be notified that the machine is out of condition just before he enters the door.

One day, at four o’clock in the early morning, while Wang Wenzhou was still asleep, he received a call from Yang Fengting. The machine couldn’t work. After washing his face, Wang Wenzhou rushed to the company. "This time the problem is more serious than before. It took me more than two hours to fix it”, Wang Wenzhou said. After repairing, he found that it was already daybreak outside. "It must be impossible to go home. Just lie on the desk for a while”. But it didn't take long to get to work again. Wang Wenzhou had to wash a cold face again.  

Looking back on those two months, Wang Wenzhou confessed that he was very tired. "But I'll feel even worse if I don't finish the order on time”, said Wang Wenzhou. 

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