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A series of reports about role models around you----Hardworking, willing to think, she is a good representative of employees
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Shi Cuihong was surprised to learn that she was chosen as the "star employee" of the new season. "My performance is not particularly outstanding. It's a bit surprising to be rated”. After a deep conversation with Shi Cuihong, the author found it no surprise that she was elected as a star employee.

Shi Cuihong is 47 years old from Yunnan. She has been working in Guangbo for six years. No matter colleagues or leaders, their comments on her are "diligent and down-to-earth”. Indeed, no matter what the task is, when handed over to Shi Cuihong, it can be accomplished in quality and quantity.

Be willing to bear hardships and work overtime without complainin

Shi Cuihong was assigned to no.3 plant after she entered Guangbo in 2013. In the packaging group of the boutique book workshop, she has been working for six years. In the view of team leader Zhang Micui, Shi Cuihong is a person who doesn't talk much on weekdays. But as long as she stand on the workbench, her hardworking, conscientious and responsible characteristics can be fully demonstrated. "She is the earliest person to come to work every day and the last person to leave”, said Zhang Micui.

At the end of last year, the company received a large leather-based list. "There are many quantities, and the delivery time required by customers is also in a hurry”, Zhang Micui recalled. Time is tight and the task is urgent. She wants to consult with everyone. See if they can work overtime and ship as soon as possible. But before she spoke, Shi Cuihong took the initiative. "This time even if we work overtime every day, we must get the goods out”. Shi Cuihong's words set Zhang Micui 's mind at ease.   

In retrospect, Shi Cuihong said that she and her colleagues had always been in a state of "working from dawn to night. The average working hours are about 15 hours a day. “Even eating time is squeezed out”. On the day of the biggest workload, she and two other workers completed more than 600 boxes of packing work together. Workmate Ma Jinhong said, "Every day when I get home, my shoulders and arms are sore and my eyes are blooming.” But no matter how hard and tired, when they returned to work the next day, they could always see that Shi Cuihong was there early. " Seeing she works so hard, of course we can't lag behind”. Another workmate Li Hongyun said that she would not only push herself, Shi Cuihong will also cheer everyone up and encourage everyone to continue their effort. "She told us that since she had accepted the task, she had to finish it on time and well. Otherwise, it’s not responsible for the company, but also for herself”, Li Hongyun said. While ensuring high efficiency, she will also take the initiative to check everyone's packaging quality, to make sure that every product is flawless. With everyone’s joint efforts, the goods were finally dispatched before the delivery deadline. And the packaging quality has also been appreciated by customers.

Willing to use the brain, turning complexity into simplicity and improving efficiency. 

In the eyes of others, Shi Cuihong's work is concise and efficient. And all this comes from her habit of using her brain.

Packaging seems simple, but there are many processes. Reprinting, sticking, bagging, packing inner case or outer case…Every step seems to have little technical content. But time must be precise to millicentimeters, and ensure that all linked with one another, which needs to take some time. "For example, she has a different way of sticking double-sided glue to a stack of outer pages”. The workshop director Le Ling said, normally, people tear a piece of double-sided glue and paste it on an outside page. But Shi Cuihong "not playing according to the routine”, her method is to turn the stool over and put her feet up, let the double-sided rubber cover on one foot, and then arrange the outer pages in a vertical row. "This saves you from holding the double-sided glue in one hand all the time, or picking up the double-sided glue and putting it down later”. Shi Cuihong said, it is such a small change that the efficiency of this process has been improved a lot.

Take another order for example, people in the packing group need to stick stickers on the lower right corner of the back of the notebook, wrap a corner bar and tie a rubber band in the upper right corner of the front. "At the beginning, we assigned three people to each process”, Shi Cuihong said. Later, it was found that it was difficult to coordinate the speed of the three people. "Either I am too fast or they are too fast. And it's a waste of time for one person to complete a process and pass it on to the next person”. She thought hard and came up with a solution. As long as "flip, pull", one person can quickly complete three processes. "Put a bunch of rubber bands on your hand and use it with a pinch of your thumb, the other hand is pulled on.” Shi Cuihong said, as for the other two items, it is not difficult. After sticking the sticker, turn over the book. Naturally, the corner bar can be wrapped up in the corresponding position.

Shi Cuihong still has many ideas like this. “Do more brainstorming and thining, can do the work well.”

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