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Guangbo send condolences to front-line employees at high temperature
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In recent days, the temperature in Ningbo has remained high. In order to accomplish various production tasks and guarantee logistic service, Guangbo’s employees fight on all production line bearing the scorching heat.

Employees' situation touches the hearts of leaders. To pass care and cooling on to front-line employees in the first place, recently, Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chief executive of Guangbo Group, visited the front line in depth, sending them the summer cooling supplies.

At workshops, warehouses, canteens, etc, Shu Yueping made detailed inquiries on the production and living conditions of employees. And repeatedly advised everyone to pay attention to the health and avoid high-intensity labor. He asked the relevant leaders of the branches and workshops to do a good job in preventing heat and cooling down. Should have enough heat dissipation supplies and ensure the normal operation of fans and air conditioners. Should arrange employees' rest time reasonably, deal with heatstroke in time and so on. Employees are gratified by the concern of senior leaders.

For a long time, Guangbo has been adhering to the "staff-centered" corporate culture and always put the interests of employees first. Every year in the heat, the top leaders of the group company will send cool and condolences to the front-line employees. This condolence activity has also been praised and warmly welcomed by employees.


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