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Guangbo convened the procurement work conference
Release time:2018-10-30 Browse times:1529
       In order to strengthen internal management, strictly control the procurement process, on the morning of October 30, Guangbo Groupo held the procurement work conference. More than 30 cadres from the procurement system attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the manager of the audit department. Shu Yueping, secretary of the discipline inspection committee and chief executive officer of the group, issued an important directive spirit of the group.

      At the meeting, Shu Yueping conveyed to the participants the relevant requirements of the group's top management on strengthening internal control. He pointed out, in the current situation, we need to strictly control internal control, strengthen the management of procurement links, also need to minimize costs and reduce unnecessary expenses, and push the company's internal management to a new level.

      Shu Yueping said that under the current economic environment, should make full use of the Internet platform, develop new procurement mode, give full play to the advantages of Internet procurement such as high quality, low cost, quick and convenient, open and transparent, and increase the proportion of Internet purchases. Meanwhile, we must strengthen the basic management of procurement and standardize the procurement standards. Do a good job in material classification, optimize supplier structure, release the advantages of centralized purchasing and bulk purchasing.

      Finally, Shu Yueping asked the person in charge of procurement here to recognize the situation, prepare for it, actively promote the process and standardization of procurement. He also said that every branch and department should learn from each other. Learn to apply and learn to be effective. It is necessary to set up an open mind, combine with the reality of the enterprise itself, comprehensively utilize and apply good experience and means. Strive to achieve the best results, and comprehensively enhance the overall level of procurement work of the group company.
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