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To welcome double eleven, Guangbo electricity suppliers held a pledge session
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      In another more than 10 days, the annual double eleven is coming. In order to meet this business feast with a fuller spirit and a more positive attitude, at the same time, in order to motivate everyone to achieve the goal of double eleven this year, on the morning of October 29, Guangbo electricity supplier team held a pledge session in the office square. Nearly 50 partners participated in the event.

      At the scene, the electronic commerce department sales team, customer service team and logistics service team respectively made an oath. "2018 double eleven, five-star service wins praise", "2018 double eleven, logistical support is not hesitant" these slogans were heard throughout the stadium. It inspired the enthusiasm of the people present. Everyone raised the "order to loiter up", "unity of one mind, its profit cut gold" and other banner contents, also set the general keynote of "hard, fighting" for the upcoming double eleven.

      It is reported that this year, the sales target of double eleven of Guangzhou electric power supplier has increased by 20% compared with last year. For this goal, the business department's partners are all confident. Many people say they are ready to fight. For example, they have made adequate stock preparation for hot products. For example, in response to the surge of dual eleven traffic, the robot customer service recovery function has been optimized. For other emergencies, partners of the ministry of electricity industry have already prepared various countermeasures.

      All along, Guangbo is actively trying to diversify and develop its own characteristics. The mode of "traditional manufacturing + Internet marketing" has been established. And many years ago, entering the field of electricity supplier is the embodiment of Guangbo’s implementation of this model. After years of development, Guangbo’s electricity business has been gradually on the right track. Annual sales are also steadily improving. Next, Guangbo ministry of electricity will continue to focus on the development strategy of enterprises. Gradually expand the scale, deepen organizational upgrading and talent introduction, and realize high speed and high quality development.
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