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Guangbo obtain “Zhejiang export brand” againranteed
Release time:2012-10-11 Browse times:1607

Recently, Guangbo Group Stock Co., Ltd won “Zhejiang 2011-2014 annual export brand”.

Guangbo Stock, according to the policy, winning “Zhejiang export brand”, will obtain Zhejiang province fund support to promote foreign trade development on the aspects like overseas trademark registration, foreign advertising project, overseas exhibition project, brand implementation internationalization and localization project and foreign organizations project.

As the disseminator of the cultural industry and professional manufacturer, Guangbo has been working on the construction of brand engineering. Through the deepening of brand engineering construction, set up the team responsibility consciousness of everyone is the brand, deepen the overall product marketing culture element, and promote the enterprise’s core value on research and development, quality and service. At present, “Guangbo” trademark has been China Famous Brand. Guangbo Group is China's top 500 private enterprises, provincial high-tech enterprise, China's top ten brand stationery, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games China's first paper stationery operator, national stationery industry standardization committee director unit, mainly revising and drafting “photo album, name card books industry standard” and “books industry standard” these national product standards. As the national foreign trade and economic cooperation department and the ministry of commerce “key support and development of famous-brand export commodities”, Guangbo series products have been exported to over 70 countries and regions like America, Europe and Southeast Asia.


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