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Guangbo have staff Mid-Autumn festival tea partyranteed
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Whenever the dragon-boat festival, Mid-Autumn festival and other major traditional festivals, Guangbo will care about the workers in various forms, let them fully feel the warmth of the collective.

On September 29, in the coming of China's traditional Mid-Autumn festival, Gungbo have staff Mid-Autumn festival tea party at the meeting room of the first floor, with bursting laughing. Company leaders, factory directors and employee representatives, over 40 people sit together, talk about life and Mid-Autumn festival.

First of all, Group leaders extend the kind holiday regards to the staff, ask about their difficulties in work and life, and listen to their thoughts and suggestions patiently.

Some of the employee representatives talk about their feelings about work with own experience. Encourage everyone to adjust state of mind, make a good career plan, fulfill our duties and become the backbone for the development of enterprise, as well as the nation and society.

At last, in the critical period of enterprise’s development, company leaders hope the staff to proceed with confidence, go all out, and make arduous efforts to achieve the targets set at the beginning of the year. Employees who attend the tea party all show that should love Guangbo, do well their jobs, contribute own wisdom to Guangbo unreservedly.


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