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Guangbo held 2012 the third quarter meeting of the sale in domestic marketranteed
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From September 25 to 27, Guangbo held 2012 the third quarter meeting of the sale in domestic market. Over 30 office managers and some of the sales elites from all over the country attended it. Leaders like general manager Wang Junping attended it and gave the important speech.

Wang Junping pointed out, in the first three quarters, with everyone’s joint effort, each work has been orderly pushed ahead. In the fourth quarter, improve the inadequacy while keeping the achievements, do the work more solid and effective. Design and production departments should take the market as the guide, cooperate fully with the sales department to do the work well, win the market with quality products and efficient services.

Wang Junping emphasized, under the current situation, how to further promote the company's soft power and the enterprise’s sustainable development is a big deal. The whole company needs to think about carefully.

Finally, Wang Junping pointed out that the core of management is employing. How to fully exert every employee's potential and improve their work initiative, is the work required by every manager. Everyone should emancipate their minds, seek truth from facts, forge ahead and beyond their capacities, to promote the comprehensive development of the company with the greatest achievement.

Vice managers of marketing and production departments made arrangements on relevant matters.


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