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The company hold team morning meeting competition and the promotionranteed
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On August 17, paper products No.3 plant morning meeting competition and company's team morning meeting promotion was held in the lecture hall. Company leaders, sub plant leaders, workshop directors, team leaders, production system managers and over 300 employees attended this meeting.

Morning meeting is an important content of 5S field management. The company arranged according to the schedule of 5S field management, to further improve each workshop team morning meeting's quality and efficiency of pilot factory, make it more standardized, meanwhile to provide a better exchange learning platform for other plants, workshops and departments, the company organized whole teams of paper products No.3 plant to have morning meeting competition.

That day, 8 teams from paper products No.3 plant attended morning meeting competition. After intense and orderly competition, the first three were selected. Company leaders awarded them honorary certificates and prizes.

Employee said the team morning meeting competition was fair, which was a moment of witnessing miracles. It showed that our teams are changing, so is Guangbo.

Company leader pointed out, conducting 5S field management was an important project of comprehensively enhancing the company's competitiveness. Through morning meeting competition, it could reach this.


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