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Prepare for the typhoon overnight to defend company propertyranteed
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Nearly 60 years rare Violent typhoon "Hai Kui" attacked Ningbo directly on the evening of August 7. Thick trees were uprooted, and Guangbo's part sheds and trees were severely damaged.

To get well prepared for the typhoon, protect employees and property safety, the company set up a leading group. General manager Wang Junping took the lead in person and put forward the guideline of "people-oriented, positively against typhoon."

On the afternoon of August 7, the company let employees leave work early. Leadership team members and all the personnel on duty were on standby. That evening, the standing deputy manager Dai Guoping led the heads of production department to patrol workshops of each sub factory. CEO Shu yaoping led the heads of general affairs section, security office and so on to examine each floor of the plant, dormitory and administrative building one by one. Vice manager Jiang Zhuguo went to Binghai plant to patrol.

At about 1 a.m. on August 8, industrial company's temporary shed was in danger. A batch of transfer products faced a severe test. Learning this, general manager Wang Junping rushed there in the rain, leading other vice manager, sub plant leader and related people on duty to conduct rescue. Through  over one-hour arduous struggle, products in risk were moved to the indoor safely, avoid a major property loss effectively. 

In the rescue site, several female supervisors carried goods, showing that women don't concede before man. Many rescue personnel were all wet by the rain but had no complaints.

At 3 a.m., an urgent call rang again. The warehouse of building 3 began to leak. Many attendants on duty immediately put on the still dripping clothes, took the flashlight and walked into the storm once again.

This was a sleepless night and a victory night. In face of the sudden natural disasters, Guangbo people overcame difficulties and went forward courageously. The enterprise spirit evoked in front of the difficulty will motivate the staff to participate in market competition more enduringly. With high-quality products and first-class service, win the market and customers, and create more value for the society.


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