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Chinese and Japanese college students Ningbo social practice walk into Guangbo ranteed
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         Recently,arranged by All-China Federation of Trade Unions, Chinese and Japanese college students Ningbo social practice activity was held in Ningbo. 48 Chinese and Japanese college students from Aichi University modern China division rural class, enterprise class and city class went to Ningbo to have half-month social practice activity.

         Guangbo Group became the first stop for enterprise class students of this activity. On August 6, accompanied by relevant leaders of Yinzhou district, teachers and students of enterprise class had on-the-spot study in Guangbo workshops, sample center and so on. Watched Guangbo Group image, had a detailed understanding of Guangbo's developing history, main business and the direction for future development in detail. At the forum, according to their own research subject, students had an in-depth discussion and communication with Guangbo Group on aspects like industry cluster, sino-Japanese enterprise comparative advantage and characteristics of employees after 90s.

         Students all showed that such enterprise inspection activity was very meaningful. Saw with own eyes, strengthen the understanding of Zhejiang private enterprises, have an intimate feeling of Ningbo excellent enterprise's good working environment.


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