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District head Chen Guojun investigate Guangboranteed payday
Release time:2012-08-01 Browse times:1445

         On August 1, Yinzhou district head Chen Guojun and his group came to Guangbo to investigate. President Wang Liping warmly received them and had a thorough discussion.

         First of all, President Wang Liping gave a brief report on company's economic operation situation in the first half of year. He pointed out, in face of the serious situation of external environment since this year, Guangbo realized that the foundation of enterprise's innovation lies in management innovation. Therefore, Guangbo changed management ideas, by creating enterprise management culture of diligent in process and fine in details. Get benefit from management, dig potential from the internal, enhance product added value. Continuously improve own core competitiveness, by the superiority on brand, talents and scale, implement industry transformation and upgrade by means of industry's consolidating, restructuring, merging and equity participation. Play Ningbo light industry manufacturing industry concentrating effect and enhance Guangbo's anti-risk capability by means of importing international talents, speeding up the transformation of the products and promoting the cooperation between enterprises.

         District head Chen Guojun highly affirmed Guangbo's good achievements gained under the  difficult circumstances of this year's foreign trade economic situation. And pointed out should make persistent efforts, further enlarge and strengthen, expand new business, study company's development strategy, create top hundred enterprise, and make more contributions to the society.


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