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Invest Hong Kong leaders come to visit Guangboranteed payda
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         On July 30,Jia Peinian,director-general of Invest Hong Kong, and his group came to visit Guangbo. President Wang Liping met them and had a friendly talk on Guangbo Group's developing condition in Hong Kong and overseas, as well as how to provide assistance in Guangbo further developing Hong Kong business.

         Director-general Jia talked to President on Hong Kong's economic development, business environment and its latest economic policy, welcoming Guangbo Group to invest in Hong Kong. By making good use of Hong Kong's business advantage and financing platform, create an international brand, promote the enterprise management ability and develop a broader international market. President Wang Liping showed Hong Kong's good and transparent investment branch gained Hong Kong government's care and support since its establishment 15 years ago. In future, Guangbo will continue to strengthen communication and cooperation with Hong Kong on aspects like talents and industrial capital.

         It is learned that Invest Hong Kong is the subordinate section of Hong Kong special administrative region. In charge of marketing Hong Kong's business environment, dedicated to attracting overseas and mainland enterprises to develop business in Hong Kong, providing services for free, including promoting contact with relevant government departments, providing latest industry information and applying for a working visa.


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