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Guangbo donated one million yuan charity stationeriesrantee
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Before the Children's day, through municipal charity federation, Guangbo Group donated one million yuan stationeries, for vast teachers and students to use, especially those from poorer schools.

On May 31, Guangbo Group held donation ceremony with municipal charity federation in Yinzhou Zhangshui Central Elementary School, to launch this charity student activity. Xiang Xingping, executive vice president of municipal charity federation, attended this launch ceremony, and distributed stationeries to student representatives. 

Guangbo leaders wish vast children can study hard and make progress every day, determined to become the pillars of the country. Also welcome them to participate in Guangbo's development after they grow up, and build our happy harmonious life together.

On June 1, Guangbo also send stationeries to students from Shiqi Shangwang Elementary School and Ningbo Damin School, showing the enterprise's love to the society.

Guangbo Group is a modern enterprise group, with its industries covering light industry stationery, high-tech materials, international trade and finance. Among which, the stationery products occupy half. In recent years, Guangbo has a steady progress in business, donated money and goods to the society accumulated to 50 million yuan RMB.


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