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"5S and field management" consultant kick-off meeting heldranteed
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To strengthen enterprise management, improve work efficiency and the quality of work and realize the ascension of management process, on the afternoon of May 15, the company held "5S and field management" consultant kick-off meeting. Company leaders like general manager Wang Junping attended, and leaders of production front line attend this meeting.

General manager Wang Junping gave mobilization speech on "5S and field management", and put forward three requirements on management cadres and management personnel. Firstly, enhance understanding, boost confidence and strengthen senses of responsibility of implementing 5S. Secondly, seek practicality, establish the overall concept, according to its own post, deepen application, improve consciously, further straighten out and optimize process. Meanwhile, should do well the training, and make 5S management put in place. Thirdly, make persistent efforts, get ready for fully implementing 5S field management, clear responsibility, implement person in charge. All workers should participate in this work with the spirit of reform and innovation, rigorous serious work style and the attitude of learning from each other, carry out the management process re-engineering.


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