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Guangbo creates business opportunities out of nothingranteed
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At the just-finished 111th Canton Fair, specializing in the European market, Guangbo launched a kind of brochure, called menu book. Especially for European housewives to record today's menu and tomorrow's menu plan, unexpectedly loved by the European customers.

In the present situation of contraction of external demand and clients' cautious placing the order, Ningbo export enterprises didn't complain about the difficulty of doing foreign trade, but seek change actively, study demand and segment market, find even create new opportunities in the crisis, showing Ningbo foreign trade unique market competitiveness.

Ding Haibing, deputy director of Ningbo foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau, shows, Ningbo export enterprises should move from "manufacturing" to "creation", have accurate eye, and also have the strong design ability and market analysis ability. This process will create export enterprises' unique competitive advantage, to strengthen customers' loyalty and ensure export share not to lose easily.

Guangbo stationery shows obvious market segmentation strategy and business opportunities creation at the show. Besides recipe books for the European market, this company also launches "one dollar gift stationery" for American marker. Fine books, pink and red albums, binding elegant cards and so on, these colorful gifts attract the attention of customers and American customers' orders as well. Meanwhile, in view of the great demand of one-time environmental protection paper tablewares, Guangbo launches environmental protection paper meal box and paper promotion gift box, which is favored by customers.

"These recipe books, one dollar gift series and thanksgiving gift series are popular with customers. Considering the European economic recession and more families cooking at home, launch this recipe book, which is just right for family's needs." Ningbo Guangbo Import and Export Company business manager Zhu Yingying is pleased with best-selling of recipe books. "Since this year, foreign trade situation is doing well. European market is affected to some extent by debt crisis, but American market is relatively good. European and American foreign trade business generally presents a growing trend. Business in emerging markets increase quickly as well."

"Market segmentation needs an in-depth understanding of target market, and has strong design ability as the backing. Guangbo has strong design ability, especially sets up branch company in America. Invite foreign designer who learns about the need of European and American markets to give special design, which can create business opportunities out of nothing." Ding Haibing, deputy director of Ningbo foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau, analyses that these pioneering thoughts no doubt can provide reference for other export enterprises.



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