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Ningbo intellectual property service platform “one-to-one” application training goes to Guangborante
Release time:2012-04-29 Browse times:1548

On April 28, organized by Ningbo intellectual property service platform and China's patent innovation net, “one-to-one” application training come to our company to train and coach.

Our company organized workers from product development design department, marketing department and purchasing department to attend this training. Xu Yubo, from Ningbo intellectual property service platform, on how to use Ningbo enterprise patent special customized system, gave detailed explanation on patent search, patent analysis and patent warning, and exchanged valuable experience.

The attendees listened carefully and benefited a lot. They all showed this training provided a very effective help for using this system correctly in patent declaration, market purchasing and sales. Have important roles in excavating patent documents thoroughly, formulating and implementing enterprise development's patent strategy, promoting technological progress and ascension, and perfecting enterprise's own intellectual property management.


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