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Lishe Primary School takes students to experience working in Guangboranteed
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On April 28, Guangbo Group plant usheres in a group of youth visitors. They're students from Lishe Primary School. In the coming of May Day, they come here to experience the happiness of working.

Students walk into Guangbo Group, visit products exhibition hall and go to production line. Advanced machines in the workshop and various products in the sample center let Li Jiamin, a student in Grade 5, have such great ambitions. "I'm surprised to learn that there's a stationery factory of domestic first-class technology in our Lishe. When I grow up, I'll learn from entrepreneurs of Guangbo Group. Introduce the best technology to the hometown, establish more big factories, and make contributions for people in my hometown."

The students make notebooks with workers of first line, give wonderful performances to them and send greetings. With the coming of these students, the workshop is full of relaxed happy atmosphere.

When the activity is over, students all show, "I never expect the process of making a notebook to be so hard and complicated. It seems that in future I should not litter notebooks, thinking of so many unused stationeries at home. 

Miss Zhang from Lishe Primary School says, "now with the great improving of people's life, students' bags are full of school supplies like notebooks and pens. These things can't attract them any more. New school supplies are their target. This time, coming to Guangbo let the students feel these things are not coming easily. And also learn the knowledge out of the textbook, cultivate students' good quality of loving hometown, loving labour and valuing labour, set up the lofty ideal of studying for hometown's economic construction rise from childhood.


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