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Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the enterpriseranteed
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On April 19,the First Session of Ningbo 14 th National People's Congress is successfully held. As the deputy to Ningbo 14 th National People's Congress, Guangbo Group President Wang Liping attends this meeting, and participates in group discussion after listening to the "government work report" made by Mayor Liu Qi.

He shows in his speech, in face of the continued ramifications of the financial crisis and the debt crisis, many enterprises have reached enterprise development bottleneck. If the enterprise does not improve the ability of independent innovation, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrade, will certainly be eliminated by the market. From the present situation of Ningbo, overall development environment is good and entrepreneurs have confidence. Especially since last year, "three thinking and three creation" theme practical activities carried out by the whole city, especially main leaders of municipal committee giving reply to entrepreneurs' letters personally, has caused big discussion of 50 million phenomenon and aroused enthusiastic response in the business world. Confidence index is constantly rising. Many entrepreneurs determine to do well in the industry, return to the real economy, make contributions in promoting Ningbo economic development, providing employment and flourishing internal and external market.

He points out that at present,the external environment of enterprise development is not so good. Enterprise's sustainable development force and innovation development ability are seriously insufficient. There still lies many difficulties in transformation and upgrading, especially financing difficulties, heavy taxation and talent scarcity.   

He thinks only relying on enterprise own determination and internal force is far from enough. Only government interact with enterprise,can truly realize enterprise's transformation and upgrading. He suggests that provide better external environment for enterprise transformation and upgrading by taking measures like building financing connecting platform, perfecting key enterprise's mutual insurance mechanism, relaxing standard restrictions on small low-profit enterprises which enjoy preferential income tax rate,providing more help for vast small and medium-sized enterprises accessing to the capital markets, forming advantage manufacturing industry group, aimed at large numbers of blue-collar workers, formulating the corresponding preferential policy, giving priority to buy housing, talent apartment and settling down.


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