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Guangbo domestic sales hold channel promoting working conferenceranteed
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On the afternoon of April 13, Guangbo domestic sales branch company held channel promoting working conference. Domestic market management personnel and domestic market design department at the meeting room of the headquarters of the Group, held this meeting at the branch meeting place with the marketing staff from offices nationwide. Guangbo Group general manager Wang Junping attended this meeting and made the important speech.

The meeting reported Guangbo domestic sales first quarter marketing index  performance, main index fulfillment of each office, the completion of key work and high quality service. Besides, emphatically analysed the marketing situation of first quarter, clearly learnt about existing difficulties, summarized the existing problems in the first quatrer marketing work, arranged and deployed next work.

General manager Wang Junping made the concluding speech, affirmed the achievements of marketing work in the first quarter, gave guidance for the difficulties in the marketing work, put forward measures for creating a new situation of marketing work. Meanwhile, emphasize each unit should grasp opportunities, fully understand the difficulties of work task, estimate difficulties  more fully, expect measures more comprehensive, make persistent efforts, guarantee the implementation, to achieve and accomplish annual goals and tasks.


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