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Guangbo Group was awarded provincial youth employment and pioneering probation baseranteed
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On the morning of April 30, in the provincial Great Hall of the People, spread an intermittent loud song, and the brilliant smiling faces brimmed with youth’s vigorous vitality. Here our province held the commemoration of 90th anniversary of the May 4th Movement and Zhejiang youth entrepreneurship and innovation promoting meeting. Represents of 11 provincial level youth employment and pioneering probation bases including Guangbo Group attended this activity. Zhao Hongzhu, secretary of provincial Party Committee and director of the provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, gave the sign to Guangbo Group by himself.

It is said that Zhejiang youth employment and pioneering probation bases will rely on all types of enterprises. It mainly provides post probation opportunity for four youth groups including college graduates, college graduates who are unemployed, laid-off unemployed youth and young peasant workers. It creates conditions for them to improve employment skills and accumulate entrepreneurship  experience. It is also a platform for the enterprise to select and appoint talents.

Guangbo will provide the probation training to unemployed graduates, which will lasts from three to six months. It will improve the graduates’ employment ability and skills with a clear aim, and prompt their employment as soon as possible.

Based on the particularity of most probation personnel’s transitional process from school to society, Guangbo equiped those teachers who have lots of experience and are of high quality to probation personnel, and carry out one-to-one help, ensure those probation personnel can have good guidance.

Besides, Guangbo also specially established the training course, offering the training on safety in production, office etiquette, career planning and so on. According to the probation curriculum schedule, probation youth also have several times’ theme party, having face-to-face communication with tutors on the difficulties and feelings of their own work, encountered matters and so on. At last, the company will select the right probation personnel for this post by the way of evaluation.


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