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Yang Zhiming, vice minister of national human resources and Social Security Department came to Guangbo to investigate
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On March 30, accompanied by Yang Shengjuan,the secretary general of Ningbo Municipal People's Government, Yang Zhiming, vice minister of national human resources and Social Security Department and his party made an investigation on migrant workers’ hiring problem in enterprises. President Wang Liping warmly received the investigation group.

At the symposium, when reporting to vice minister Yang Zhiming, President Wang Liping showed, over 5000 migrant workers from all over China made outstanding contributions on the aspects of technical renovation, industry upgrading, cultural development, manufacturing management, domestic and international sales, and so on. Through their own efforts, a large number of migrant workers rose from ordinary staff to team leader, workshop director, director of the branch, sales manager and so on. Some migrant workers made their home in Ningbo, let their children study and work in Ningbo, became the real new Ningbonese.

Meanwhile, he showed, Guangbo always consider doing practical things for staff as the basic work, through providing one opportunity for entering a higher school or training for free, free meals, free accommodation these top ten free services. Through green mail box 48 hours answering system, staff safeguarding rights open day, staff cultural activities center, harmonious home big stage these eight cultural services platform, let migrant workers lead a tasty life in Guangbo and work with energy.

After hearing the report given by Wang Liping, Yang Zhiming deeply concerned about the enterprise’s operation and its business. When knowing that at present Guangbo’s orders go up steadily, not only don’t make lay-offs but are planning to increase workers, Yang Zhiming said delightedly, “We’re really happy to see Guangbo’s those real measures. Someone summarized that enterprise hiring stage can be divided into ten stages like working with contract, employment with guarantee, working with energy and so on. If compared Guangbo as a student, Guangbo’s such measures can be called an honor student. I believe financial crisis must can let an excellent enterprise gain moredevelopment space.”



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