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Guangbo had disaster area on mind care about aid workranteed
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Wenchuan earthquake occurred for almost a year, Guangbo Group has always been caring about rebuilding career in Sichuan disaster area. On March 25, in Ningbo Charity Federation, office workers of Guangbo Group and other donating enterprises heard the related report on the progress of disaster area aid work given by related comrade of Ningbo aid headquarter.

In the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, the whole employees of Guangbo Group gave generously. The whole group all together donated funds and goods worthing about 1.3 million yuan, about 0.8 million yuan of which was used for disaster area educational cause, that was, school’s reconstruction work. According to the comrade of Ningbo aid headquarters, this Ningbo directed aiding Qinchuan county aiding work was divided into two batches, all together 15 projects. At present, 10 projects have been launced. The aiding fund was mainly used in the reconstruction of education, health and road in disaster area. Guangbo Group and other two enterprises’directed 2.652 million yuan fund was used for the construction project of Chaba nine-year school in Qinchun county. At present, this school’s reconstruction work has already been done quickly and orderly. It is reported that this school will be finished in May and put into formal use at the beginning of the new term in September.

At last, Guangbo and other enterprises all put forward own expectations and demands. Hope aiding department pay strict attention, strict on construction quality, build good schools that can withstand the test of natural disaster, making a contribution to the educational cause in disaster area.


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