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Guangbo held third session of the second workers congressranteed
Release time:2009-03-21 Browse times:1070

On March 21, Zhejiang Guangbo Group Stock Co., Ltd third session of the second workers congress was held grandly in staff education center. Company leaders like union chairman, executive deputy general manager as well as 83 worker representatives attended this congress.

In the singing of strong national anthem, the congress opened. The congress reviewed and summarized the work of year 2008, analyzed the reforming and developing situation faced by Guangbo, negotiated and made various working targets and major policies of the year 2009, mobilized and motivated vast staff officers to inspire enthusiasm, emancipate the mind, renew ideas, seek truth and pragmatism and strive for greater development.   

The congress collected suggestions on human resources management procedure, notified the capital using condition of staff mutual saving fund, and read Guangbo Group trade union and league committee’s work  planning and arrangement of year 2009. With high sense of responsibility and master spirit, over 80 worker representatives carefully discussed the related agendas of the congress and approved the aboving three agendas. Vast worker representatives affirmed the achievement gained by Guangbo in the past year, meanwhile, had explicit understanding of Guangbo’s current main task. Put forward pertinent opinions and reasonable suggestions on Guangbo’s management of work, life, study and so on.

At last, the congress called on the present worker representatives to take the lead. By the opportunity of this congress, adhere to the main line of enhancing product quality, unify thoughts, deepen reform and innovation, strengthen self-construction, continuously carry forward the spirit of starting a hard undertaking, work hard to realize Guangbo’s various business better and faster development.


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