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Establish confidence, overcome the hard time, strive for first-rate enterpriseranteed
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On the afternoon of February 2, the Group Company held 2009 new year forum. President Wang Liping and related leaders gathered together with advanced workers representatives from front line and excellent administrative cadres, talking about development achievements and conspiring Group Company's development.

At the forum, Wang Liping first represented the Group Company, expressing the new year wishes to the representatives, showing thanks to them for their contributions for Group economic development in the last year. He showed, in 2008, affected by the financial crisis, the achievements gained by the Group concentrated the staff's contribution. These excellent employees are the banner and pecer of exploitation and innovation. In the new year, should enhance confidence, actively bring the model effect into full play. Wang Lipng encouraged representatives to carry forward the following four spirit, dare to think, to do, to take the lead, to adventure. Dare to think means about ideology, should be good at innovation and dare to breakthrough. Dare to do means on practical action, practice boldly and dauntlessly make progress. Dare to take the lead means being full of advanced work consciousness, dare to take the lead at everything. Dare to adventure refers to during working, put product quality, safe production and cost control into effect, and dare to bear own social responsibility. Meanwhile, he also encouraged representatives to enhance innovation consciousness with efforts. In project process and section reform, set an example and paly the leading role as pecer. Stimulate other employees' working enthusiasm, make better contribution for Guangbo Group's development.

At the forum, representatives all showed at their speech, would live up to Group leaders' suppoting and affirmation, take the lead as the good model, contribute own strength for the Group's development.


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