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Expecting a cheerful new spring Guangbo held 2008 commendation conferenceranteed
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        On January 22, Guangbo science and technology park was full of happy atmosphere. Zhejiang Guangbo Group 2008 commendation conference and new year party were held here.

The commendation conference first let general manager Wang Junping make 2008 Guangbo Group annual summary report. In his report, Manager Wang gave affirmation to the company's work in the past year, showed identification and thanks for the achievements gained in the past year and the whole employees' hard work for the company in the past year. Meanwhile, in the working report, Manager Wang pointed out Guangbo Group 2009 development direction, working target, working thought and market planning. What's more, he made description and expectation for Guangbo Group's future strategic planning. Manager Wang's report let all Guangbo people have a thorough understanding of the Group Company, full of infinite confidence.

Then it was the most exciting awarding ceremony. This meeting granted the honorary title of 2008 Advanced Collective to foreign trade depatment one, overseas direct selling department, printing sub plant auxiliary materials workshop. President Wang Liping gave the awards to three representatives of advanced collective, and gave commendation and affirmation for the achievements advanced collective gained in 2008. He showed, the grant of advanced collective honor, was the affirmation of the achievements made in the past. It also put forward struggling aim for all departments, set as the successful example, lay a solid foundation for Guangbo Group becoming bigger and stronger.

In the end, the wonderful party provided a stage for employees to show themselves. Wonderful programs and various japes made the scene become happy ocean. In the later lucky draw, employees were very active. Some prizes were drawn one by one. At last, commendation conference and new year party ended with the singing of Song of Guangbo by the whole employees of the Group.


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