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Catch opportunity in the crisisranteed payday loan
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In face of the current international financial crisis, private enterprises how to rebuild confidence, overcome difficulties, and try all ways to change crisis to chance? When interviewed by the reporter, Wang Liping, provincial NPC deputy and president of Zhejiang Guangbo Group, put forward three theories on overcoming winter. To elevate confidence by winter sunshine theory, to enhance competitiveness by grass root innovation theory, to win the initiative in development by clench fist attacking theory.

“If you have sunshine in your heart, the winter won’t be cold.” Wang Liping thought, at present, we came across the international financial crisis, and international economic environment became worse rapidly, which affected our economic social development more and more deeply. In face of such situation, the central government timely set up a series of policies and measures to expand domestic demand and maintain sustainable economic growth. Local governments also pushed out related measures. That is to say, the party and government is the sunshine of enterprises. Winter sunshine theory means to send this warm sunshine to every corner in the enterprises timely, to elevate the confidence and overcome the hard time together.

Wang Liping thought, at present, many enterprises existed innovation paradox. When enterprise is in good condition, it has no dynamic to innovate. When enterprise has dynamic, it meets the crisis and has no ability to innovate. The crucial point is that the enterprises innovation subject isnt truly established. Private enterprises themselves have grass root spirit. The tremendous power of grass root lies in that when winter is coming, by indomitable vitality, the grass root under the grass constantly gain energy. Once breaks ground, it brings vitality to the earth. Grass root innovation theory requires give full play to innovation subject’s great initiative. Through stimulating private enterprises’ grass root vigor, construct innovation long-acting mechanism, enhance enterprises’ international competitiveness.

Referring to some famous enterprises fell of the horse last year, Wang Liping thought besides sorrow, deviating from the principal business’s development, investing too fast and too complicated, dispersing the limited resource elements, was the important reason for these enterprises walking into dilemma. The current international financial crisis although brings severe pressure to many enterprises, also provides opportunities for the enterprises to grasp market changes and realize self-value. To walk out of the dilemma, enterprises should make full use of clench fist attack theory, make its favorite principal business bigger and stronger, attack effectively, and gain the initiative of the market.

Quoted from Zhejiang Daily on Jan. 15, 2009


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