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Guangbo Group carried out 2008 annual excellent administrative cadres evaluationranteed
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In 2008, under the right leadership of the company, the whole staff of Guangbo Group carry forward pursuing learning, realistic, excellence producing and innovation spirit, work hard, making own contributions for the company's sustainable development. Manwhile, it  has come forth a great many excellent administrative cadres. To carry forward enterprise culture, encourage and commendate the advanced, construct the good environment of everyone  striving for an advanced and excellent individual and making contributions for the company's development, the company carried out 2008 annual excellent administrative cadres evaluation. This activity was carried out on a basis of fair, open and justice principle, with stages of recommendation, nomination, public notification and evaluation. Each department recommended candidates and reported for their advanced deeds written materrials, elected 10 excellent administrative cadres candidates, and be publicized in the Group. On January 7, 2009, the company held field voting. In the end, Feng Yanfeng, Chen Hongya, Sun Yanna and Tiao Zaofeng these four cadres obtained the title of 2008 annual Guangbo Group excellent administrative cadres. As was reported, through this evaluation, the company chose the administrative cadres who made contributions in the work of producing, running and management. Through this, motivate vast cadres with working hard, bold management and innovation work, actively promote enterprise's economic development, scientific development and harmonious development.


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