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Cluster energy in cold winter
Release time:2008-12-29 Browse times:1294

On December 29, in the working conference of creating service-type department and promoting enterprise development held in Ningbo government, representing six situation task education experiments enterprises, Wang Liping, president of Guangbo Group, made the summarized report to related leaders.

At the conference, he said,” The current enterprise situation is severe. The municipal government pays great attention. Leaders of all levels of government departments actively and initiatively help enterprise conspire countermeasure, overcome the hard time together. Situation task education gives us full confidence. In front of the difficulty, were not lonely. Theres strong supporting force behind us. In front of the difficulty, were full of confidence.

Later, he concretely introduced Guangbo how to go deeply into practice the situation task education experimental work from three aspects. That is, preaching at different levels, recognize the situation and enhance confidence. Enterprise and employees interact, concentrate energy and work out the difficult position. Feasibly help and guide, innovate service and emphasize practical results.

At last, he showed, this experimental activity let enterprise have deep understanding of the situation, judge the situation more accurately, grasp the companys future management strategy more coordinately. Guangbo will firmly grasp its own fate, united, grasp opportunity. Not only pass the winter steadily, but welcome the more brilliant spring in the near future.


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