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Guangbo stationery products gained the golden prize at the 6th China package printing quality appraisal contest
Release time:2008-12-23 Browse times:1315

Recently, in the 6th China package printing quality appraisal contest held by Chinese packing  federation package printing committee, the DIVOGA series and 089-632products produced by Zhejiang Guangbo Group Stock Co., Ltd awarded golden medal and copper medal respectively. Meanwhile, industry product selection contest held by Zhejiang package printing trade association, the album cover printed by Guangbo Group gained annual excellent product award.

After development for many years, Guangbo Group has become one of the enterprises in China stationery industry with fastest developing speed, highest brand popularity, most creative and influential among industries. The company is always being devoted to product design and development, changing the method of previous single design stationery, according to the characteristics of stationery productivity, market share and target market, make its own serial product design. Let Guangbo stationery ascertain brand image through unique and unified design, meet the market demand of different clients, so as to establish more stable sales market.


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