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Catch vitality in the crisis
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It's not cold in winter when your heart has sunshine. Global economic winter has come, with enthusiasm 6000 Guangbo people still continuously transport the products to the world, like office. Stationery, top-quality books, high-grade paper tableware and so on. Moreover, Guangbo also catch the opportunity in American and European markets, set up three to five self-owned brand shops, occupy the OEM market space that originally Guangbo done for others.

Opportunity falls to the person who is ready. This financial storm gives a great below to many enterprises. Meanwhile, it also brings opportunity to some enterprises to hold the market information and better realize self value. Since the second half of the year 2008, although Guangbo stationerys overseas market was also affected in certain degree, Guangbo has an excellent team, good at innovation and seeking change, catching new market opportunity, top-quality books project and high-grade paper tableware project gained rapid development. Guangbo has signed stable cooperative agreement with large stationery purchasers like American K·GL company, get rid of most limitation on OEM. Using development advantage, gradually upgrade traditional albums, develop those into digital albums which can demonstrate directly. Using some transnational corporations crisis, excavate excellent overseas developing team, establish new research and development center, lay a solid foundation for Guangbo brand better merged into European and American market.

In this financial crisis, Guangbo also grasped some opportunity. At present, it is making deployment for the relocation of BinHai industry area high-grade paper tableware project, making detailed planning for enrolling production employees for next year, has connected with labor department in Henan, Shandong, Jiangxi and so on. Inside the company, employees actively offer advices and ideas. Among over 5000 pieces of reasonable suggestions, about 340 pieces of suggestions have maneuverability. The suggestion from one employee in album subplant can save the expenditure nearly million yuan for the company in a year.

Next year, Guangbo will put industry integration as the key of its development. At present, although about hundred related stationery enterprises made matching for Guangbo, our market space should be bigger. By the ways of merger, reorganization and acquisition, integrating upstream and downstream industries, create stationery industrial clusters full of radiation.

Innovation is the source power of resisting crisis. The coming three years should be the golden period of Guangbos development. The company will continuously increase the fund of research and development, set up three to five research and development centers in overseas, mainly on digital electronic, new material, educational stationery, environmental special stationery, insist on the parallelment of internal and external markets, multi-culture accumulation, the combination of self-owned brand and self innovation, keep the steady growth of Guangbo new industry, make efforts to go ahead of the market.

Winter has arrived and spring will not be far. In today’s changeable market, our Guangbo people should stick to brand, innovation and culture these three strategies, have confidence in realizing more rapid development.


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