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Mayor Mao came to Guangbo to investigate enterprise situation task education experimental workrantee
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Under the impact of rare global financial crisis, Ningbo vast enterprises how to cope with effectively? Staff officers how to cope with the hard time together? Government how to help enterprise overcome the difficulty? How is the result of carrying out enterprise situation task education? Yesterday afternoon, Mao Guanglie, mayor and vice secretary of Ningbo committee, Yu Hongyi, vice mayor and standing committee member of Ningbo committee, Song Wei, publicity chief andstanding committee member of Ningbo committee, as well as Song Yueshun, general secretary of Ningbo government, use two-day weekend to investigate in Guangbo Group, and hold forum to listen to the enterprise's voice.

To actively cope with the effect on enterprise caused by current economic situation, help enterprise strengthen developing confidence, Ningbo committee and Ningbo government decide to carry out concentrated enterprise situation task education in the whole Ningbo City at the beginning of next year. From December 10, publicity department of Ningbo committee chose six enterprises as experiment sites, Bank of China (Ningbo) Battery Co., Ltd, Ningbo Yaoming Electrical Co., Ltd, Ningbo Xinhai Electrical Stock Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Guangbo Group Stock Co., Ltd, Ningbo Haitian Group Stock Co., Ltd and Ningbo Shenhua Chemical Management Limited Company. Sent six instruction groups to go deep into the enterprises to preach. At present, experimental work has entered in a summarizing phase.

"Enterprise situation task education likes an opportune rain. Let us have direction, idea and confidence in defending crisis. Ningbo instruction groups came to the workshops to preach opportunity policy face to face, let us have warmth, energy and actual effect." That's the common voice from these six experiment enterprises.

Enterprise situation task education let entrepreneurs strengthen confidence. Vast employees have more energy. Wang Liping, president of Guangbo Group said, instruction groups bring the party and government's care and warmth to out enterprises, preach opportunity policy to employees with straight language, and let employees notice the hope of enterprise development, all of which is a good encouragement for employees. In face of financial crisis, by deveolping the top-quality books featured project, Guangbo Group transfer chinese elements around the world. Take a series of measures like talents refinement management, overcome the depression, effectively avoid risk.  

Lin Chongjian, leader of Guangbo Group instruction group, showed, going deep into the workshops to preach enterprise situation task, let government officers' hearts get closer to enterprises.

"Mobilizing masses of employees to pool the wisdom and efforts and spend the hard time with the enterprise is one of the purpose of enterprise situation task education." Mao Guanglie said, knowing difficulty is not difficult. Defending crisis need such composite force. He said, "In dealing with crisis, confidence is the most important thing. From everyone's speech, it can be noticed that enterprise situation task education experiment work has done many beneficial explorations and gained certain achievement. Especailly by preaching opportunity policy, let entrepreneurs and vast employees have clear idea of current situation, strengthen confidence, study the experience in coping with crisis together, give a reliable base for next year's development. Next, establish the system of leading cadres and government units contact enterprise. Government and enterprise join together, overcome difficulty, promote enterprise steady development, innovative development and transformational development."

"Next year's development lies in whether this quarter can have a good beginning. Now enterprise should try its best to get orders, keep employees and stress production." Mao Guanglie hopes, on the basis of experiment, further perfection, emphasize practical results, form composition forces, let enterprise situation task education more pertinent, and can solve practical problems.


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