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Mid-autumn, Guangbo sent blessings to employees'' homesranteed
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"Usually on mid-autumn day, I don't go home. This time, the company send mooncakes for us, conveying our longing for family, which is really considerate." A top ten immigrant worker of Guangbo, from Anhui, said excitedly, when learning that the company sent a box of mooncake to his home.

In order to let immigrant workers feel the warmth of Guangbo this large family, Guangbo Group recently initiated greeting operations on mid-autumn affection. Not only send festival gifts to each employee, but convey festival blessings to the family members of top ten immigrant workers. The company sent them mooncakes freely by mail, with warm festival comfort letters  to each employee's family members inside the box, which was written by the President of the Group. 

At present, these emotional mooncakes have been sent to different provinces. Famaliy members of the employees can receive the company's festival blessings very soon. An immigrant worker from the printing workshop can't help saying, "I have been working in Guangbo for over three years. My parents and children are all at the hometown. On this special missing hometown and family day, the company send mooncakes to our family, which really reach deep into our immigrant workers' hearts."

Wang Liping, president of Guangbo Group, said, "Seeding mid-autumn mooncakes freely for employees, not only show festival wishes to the family members of our employees, meanwhile convey the safety to them. What's more, let the family members of our employees deeply impressed by the company's humanity.


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