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Guangbo Stock held the sixth meeting of the third board of directorsranteed
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On the morning of August 19th, Zhejiang Guangbo Group Stock Co.,Ltd the sixth meeting of the third board of directors was held in meeting room on the company's first floor. Due to working reasons, directors Wu Youguang and Wang Junping couldn't attend, while other directors all attended the meeting. All the supervisors and senior managers of the company sit in the meeting. Directors Wu Youguang and Wang Junping entrusted directors Zhang Feimeng and Dai Guoping to attend and vote. The meeting was hosted by President Wang Liping.

At the meeting, after full discussion among directors, agreed and passed the following: The company's semi-annual report in 2008 as well as its abstrct. Profit sharing agreement of the company's semi-annual report in 2008. The bill on half=annual auditing expence of deliberating accountant firms. The bill on adding locations of implementing collecting capital project. The bill on retaining accountant firms to give assessment on the company internal control policy. The bill on holding the first temporary shareholder meeting in 2008.

All the directors showe, to cope with market demand, only one step faster than others forever, can we gain the opportunity and win the market. In future, the company will continue to on the basis of deepening brand and innovation construction, stick to develop mainly on light industry stationery, try its best to make stronger, preciser and steadier. Rely on the scale advantage of Ningbo stationery industry, constantly integrate upstream and downstream stationery industry, realize Guangbo products' diversification and brand export, promote Guangbo to develop better and faster.


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