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China against America is imminent Guangbo offers a reward orderranteed
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Today, China against America will rerun. Chinese women basketball team will meet the American team, the second opponent of group match, which has gained Olympic champion for five times.

In the last match against Spain, Chinese women basketball team won the first game with the score 67 to 64. Among them, Chen Nan and Sui Feifei, from PLA women basketball team, whose performances were attractive, gaining 12 points and 9 points separately.

Seeing members of PLA women basketball team have so excellent performance, as the sponsor of PLA women basketball team, Wang Liping, President of Zhejiang Guangbo Group shows during the interview, “The match that Chinese women basketball team defeat Spain counterpart is exciting, especially seeing that four players of PLA women basketball team have good performance.”

Wang Liping reveals, if Chinese women basketball team won in this Olympic Games, four players of PLA women basketball team would win 0.2 million yuan each as prize. While winning silver medal or the third or the fourth place, the bonus amounts could be 0.15 million yuan and 0.1 million yuan separately.

Wang Liping shows, “The purpose of doing this is to hope Chinese women basketball team can make persistent efforts in the later match with American team, and finally create historical victory in our country.”

It is reported that Zhejiang Guangbo Group is a modern enterprise group integrated office stationery, new material electronic, investment and trade into one. During ten years’ development, Guangbo has become one of the most competitive stationery suppliers in China. In August, 2005, Zhejiang Guangbo Group became the sponsor of PLA women basketball team. PLA Guangbo stationery women basketball team officially settled in Yinzhou, Ningbo.

Zhejiang Guangbo Group also becomes the first enterprise rewarding athletes with its own money in this Olympic Games.


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