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Guangbo''s future development under the global economic backgroundranteed
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On July 18th, about 100 people of Guangbo Group and management level of every company and department met together in Qingdao, which is the Olympic yachting competition area, and had a meeting on the company's whole development and operation in the first half year. Under new competitive situation, the whole people at present carefully listened to the expert lecture on army soul executive force, as well as President Wang Liping's "three one two" Strategy on the company's future development.

The emphasis of this meeting is on study. General manager Wang Junpin briefly reviewed the company's developing condition, and invited the national famous lecturer Cui rui to give us the speech on the team cooperation of enterprise manager. Lecturer Cui is one of the most influential top ten trainers in China. His dominated army soul management mode is well received by the enterprises. Due to the long-term rigorous training in the team, also he was in the management level in different enterprises, having his unique idea on enterprise management, and gave more than 600 trainings to over 300 enterprises like Japanese Toshiba, China Mobile and so on. In the first course, Lecturer Cui included the body language. This novel way of giving lecture fully aroused the whole people's enthusiasm. Everyone actively participated in, achieving good results.

Later, according to the conference agenda, the second lecture was given by President Wang Liping, who gave a deep explanation on Guangbo's future development under the global background. After the analysis of international and domestic economic situation by explaining the profound things in a simple way, he reviewed the various working condition of every department in the first half year of 2008 with all managers. Give affirmation to the obtained achievement, and put forward some requirements that need to be improved.

President Wang Liping said, employees were the wealth of the enterprise. Everyone in Guangbo is the potential talent. Only every employee can make fulll use of his ability and exhaust the use of property, the company have the reason to believe you will dye Guangbo's charcteristics, to promote Guangbo's long-term development with most forceful attitude. In future, stick to develop stationery-dominanted industry, the company will constantly explore along the new diversification road with nanotechnology as representative. This year, we not only should ensure the sales volumn formulated by 2007, enlarge technology transformation, sales network expansion and enterprise culture construction. Give full play to comparative advantage in international market, actively find its position in global division of labor, preempt high-end, achieve the close contact with international market by many ways. "Create international first-class brand, lead world stationery tidal current, constantly enhance Guangbo's fine reputation and anti-risk ability, fully create Guangbo into the first-class brand enterprise at home and abroad.


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