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A heavy letter of thanks
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Recently, Deng Xiaoling, a worker from Sichuan Anyue county in Guangbo workshop, sent a letter of thanks written by herself to the leaders of company.

It was reported that the rare Sichuan earthquake destroied the house of Deng Xiaoling’s home. When she knew the loss of her family, she withdrew 3000 yuan from the bank and intend to send home, but disaster befall again. Her temporary dwelling in Ningbo was burnt down by the fire. The big fire relentlessly seized her total assets. Two sudden disasters brought heavy attack to her. She even wanted to end her life. After learned about Deng Xiaoling’s condition, the company gave her timely psychological guidance, and eliminated her extreme thoughts. From leaders of the company to her fellow workers, they all offered their warm hands, donated, and helped her family solve dwelling problem in Ningbo as well.

Deng Xiaoling said movingly, “It is Guangbo that brings me the warm feeling of home. I thank leaders, all of you and Guangbo. I will work hard in Guangbo, returning Guangbo by my practical action.

People always say, “Employees’ heart is the root of the enterprise.” Guangbo always stick to human-oriented principle. Therefore, every year, the company devotes two million yuan for the employees in providing whole and free professional training, so as to enhance its cultural accomplishment. For example, through systemetic and professional training provided by the company, a direct labor of production line not only can speak fluent English, but his own comprehensive business quality has greatly been improved. Now he is on an important position of the company's trade department, has deeply rooted in Guangbo and set home in Ningbo. According to the statistics, through training, now about 500 people's educational level of the company has reached junior college or above. Meanwhile, for those disadvantaged groups in the society, Guangbo also provide them employment opportunities. Leaders of the company pay close attention to their work and living condition, exchange ideas with them now and then, and also give them subsidy of necessity for life, like rice, noodle, oil and so on. It is well worth mentioning that before the spring festival, when our country suffered the rare heavy snow, the company's party committee actively organized vast party members and cadres to fight for in the front line of the heavy snow with coordinated efforts. To ensure the company's immigrant workers can have a reunion year at home, the company spent a lot in chartering bus without considering big cost, prepared emergency goods for them on their way home, and sent 1500 immigrant workers home safely. Using the words of these new Ningbo people, "Guangbo is our home. Working in Guangbo, we make the right choice."


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