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Youth bloom in Guangbo
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At present, Shiqi street organized a speaking competition with the theme of learning the 17th congress and pioneering in Shiqi. Gao Yanyan, an employee from Guangbo, gained the first prize, by its excellent performance and stable performance.

It was reported that the participants of this competition were migrant workers. They use their special speaking expressing way and combine own practical working conditions, talking freely about the happy feelings that brought by harmonious Shiqi.

Gao Yanyan is a common employee from the first line of Guangbo Group's color printing workshop. When the reporter asked her about the winning feelings that she wanted to share with everyone at present, she said, "I come to attend, not for the prize, but through this activity, talk about my workplace Guangbo which brings me the feeling of home. I want to share the happiness that I gained in Guangbo with all of you."

Employees' hearts are the root of the enterprise. Sixteen years' rapid development of Guangbo is closely related with vast employees' devotion to duty, hard work and dedication. Therefore, every year, the company input two million yuan in the overall and free training of professional skills. On the other hand, pay attention to enhance its cultural and moral accomplishment. For example, through the company's systematic and professional training, an employee from the first line, not only can speak fluent English, but greatly improve its personal integrated business quality. Now he works at an important post of the company's foreign trade department, and has deeply rooted in Guangbo, set home in Ningbo. According to the statistics, through training, about 500 people's education level has reached above the junior college level. Meanwhile, for those vulnerable groups in the society, Guangbo also provides them job opportunity. Leaders of the company have always been concerning of their working and living conditions, exchange ideas with them from time to time, and give subsidies like rice, noodles, oil these some necessaries of life. One thing worth to mention, before the Spring Festival, when southern china suffer the rare heavy snow, party committee of the Groupactively organize vast party members and cadres work in concert to fight heavy snow in the front line. To ensure the migrant workers can go home to have the new year, the company even spent more money in chartering buses, and prepared emergency goods for them on the way home, sending 1500 migrant workers safely home.

The employees of the company always say, Guangbo is our home. We made the right choice working in Guangbo.


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