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Letter of thanks
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Recently, Ningbo Civil Affairs Bureau sent a letter of thanks to Guangbo. Thanks for Guangbo donating 1041 boxes stationeries to the people in disaster areas of Sichuan.

It was reported that since the strong earthquake happened in Wenchuan, Sichuan, causing heavy casualties and property loss, its severe situation has always affecting the hearts of Guangbo people. After heard of this news, Wang Liping, president of the company, made overseas call in the evening, and donated one million yuan and stationeries to the disaster areas in Sichuan, meanwhile he donated 180000 yuan in the name of himself. The whole staff of the company also donated actively, fully developing the Chinese traditional virtue of “When disaster struck, help came from all sides” , passing Guangbo’s love and true feeling to the people in disaster areas.

Harsh disaster but affectionate humans, Guangbo has real sentiment everywhere. For many years, in the process of continuously create social value, Guangbo actively undertake the public enterprises’ inevitable social mission. Strengthen enterprise responsibility construction, launch sunshine study-help project, input million yuan in setting up rural children’s education development fund,  assist in establishing Hope Primary School, care about rural and migrant workers’ children, form helping and supporting pairs with poor villages, grant gratuitous fund to the old people over 60 years old, and purchase equipments for the senior citizens in old folks’ home. Up to now, Guangbo has donated about tens of millions yuan.

President Wang Liping showed, “Guangbo will stick to innovation, learning, honesty, mission and the human-oriented developing theory, adhere to harmonious development, making constant efforts in creating more value for the society.”


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