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Guangbo welcomes Olympic sacred torchranteed payday loan
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In order to mourn for the victims in Wenchuan earthquake of Sichuan, the torch relay of Beijing Olympic Games was suspended for three days. The torch passing in Ningbo which should be on May 19th now was put off to be held on May 22nd. Today, our 118 torchers will hold sacred torches, fulfill the sacred torch passing in Ningbo, passing love to the people in disaster areas, passing the determination and confidence in earthquake relief to the people of the whole country.

It is reported that in this Beijing Olympics sacred torch passing in Zhejiang province, Ningbo has the longest line and the longest span. The total trip distance in Ningbo is 162 kilometers. The torch passing distance is 12.8 kilometers, lasting more than six hours and forty minutes. On the way it has one starting ceremony and transits for three times. The starting point is set up at Phase IV terminals of Beilun Harbor, then transferred to the Sanjiangkou area in Ningbo city, started from Qiang'an guildhall. From Jiangdong north road, Jiangxia street, Zhongshan road, Wangjing road, Yongfeng road, Revolution Bridge, Huaishu road, reach Ningbo Grand Theatre. In the end, the torch will be transferred to Hangzhou Bay Sea-Crossing Bridge to pass, and handed-over in South Channel Bridge and Jiaxing.

On May 22nd, as the first national paper stationery franchising dealer of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Guangbo organize a cheering squad with about 30 employees, witnessing the Olympic torch passing this sacred moment together, and pass the whole Guangbo people's love and true feelings to the victims in Sichuan earthquake by their own special way. At 6:00 A.M., members of the company's cheering squad take the bus to one of the torch passing routes, that is, Sunlight Square. The members wear the same blue T-shirts, which signify Guangbo culture of vast world and broad feelings. They also hold red flags of China with different shapes, Olympic flags as well as Guangbo flags, paste small red flag marks given by Guangbo on their faces, arms and clothes, together with the slogans of "hand in hand with people in disaster areas, expect Olympics together", "pass sacred torch, offer with love" and so on, to welcome the coming of Olympic sacred torch, encouraging and cheering for the people in Sichuan disaster areas. "Cheer for China, cheer for Wenchuan" Is the sincere blessing of members of Guangbo cheering squad. While that huge signature row width of "keep watching Wenchuan, the love passes on" is full of signatures by the citizens filled with patriotic feelings in a short time.

There's long time to wait, but people become more and more exciting with expecting feelings. On the way of passing torch, all are submerged by red flags. The number of citizens are increasing, thousands of people welcome the coming of the sacred torch. Although it's hot, our passion to watch torch passing doesn't decrease, as well as the love and resolution in supporting disaster areas. In order to mourn for the victims in Sichuan earthquake, many banners like "When disaster struck, help came from all sides", "Unity is strength; Unity of will is a formidable force " are hung on the way in Ningbo, and set up collect donation box. Citizens donate to the disaster areas enthusiastically. When the torch gradually appear in people's view, all shout and cheer for. Employees of Guangbo shout the catchword of "Come on, China", bringing the atmosphere to the climax.

Since the earthquake in Wenchuan, the living of the people in disaster areas in Sichuan has been affecting the hearts of Guangbo people. Guangbo people have always been putting into the combat of rebuilding homeland with practical action, contributing our strength in the overall success in earthquake rescue and relief. We deeply know that people in disaster areas not only need our spiritual encouragement, but material support to rebuild homeland. After Guangbo actively donated money and materials worth of about one million yuan to people in disaster areas, today especially carry out field charity sale activity in Olympic store on the way of torch passing, planning to give all the money to people in Sichuan disaster areas again, help them get out of trouble as soon as possible and rebuild beautiful homeland.

Pay attention to the Olympics, care about the disaster areas. With the continuous passing of Olympic torch, there must be more and more people just like Guangbo people put into the action of supporting Olympics and disaster areas. We have reason to believe, firmness and courage must let Chinese people conquer all disasters, sucessfully holding 2008 Olympic Games.


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