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Guangbo made its contribution in earthquake relief workranteed
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"Love span great distance" large-scale disaster relief charity performance was held in YIfu Theater, hosted by Ningbo Evening jointly with city charity headquater these seven units. President of Guangbo Group who was on abroad donated 180000 yuan again in the name of himself, together with 170000 yuan donated by all staffs of Guangbo, to express one wish, that is, establish a Guangbo Hope Primary School in Sichuan disaster area. Full load the whole Guangbo people’s love and true feelings, leaders of the company actively attended this activity.

The reporter learned that yesterday city charity headquater remitted the initial batch of anti-seismic money 12 million yuan to Sichuan charity headquater, in the use of Wenchuan county’s earthquake relief. Meanwhile, city charity headquater still receives the multiple love donation. Yesterday, city charity headquater received 3.5 million yuan, donated by 450 people, about 45 people donated from 1000 yuan to 10000 yuan. According to another statistics, charity headquaters of every county (city) altogether received 13.46 million yuan from all society.

Last night, city charity headquater, city culture broadcast news publishing bureau, league municipal party committee, city youth federation, city enterpreneur association these units jointly held "Love span great distance" large-scale disaster relief charity performance in YIfu Theater. Many beneficent people and enterprises donated, wishing for the people in disaster area. 7.34 million yuan gained by this charity performance will be delivered to earthquake disaster area by city charity headquater.


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